San Diego Falcons Elite Basketball Club

Also wanted to tell you Garrett's been having a fantastic time on the team. Thanks for letting him play. We look forward to next season.

-- Christy Herold 2/22/16

I enjoyed watching your team interact with kids. It looked fun and the boys had a great time.

-- Shane Hanlon 12/29/15

Dylan is so grateful to be part of the Falcons Elite Basketball Program.

-- Ron Johnson 12/16/15

Our son Jake Schlesier participated in your summer camp and loved it!

-- Jennifer Schlesier 8/13/15

You guys do an amazing job.

-- Vince Burgess 3/24/15

I wanted to drop a note to let you and all the coaches know what a great experience we are having with Falcons Elite.  Charlie loves basketball and is so happy to have the opportunity to play.  He has nothing but great things to say about all his coaches and is always excited to go to practice and games.

-- Jen Blackwell 3/10/15

It was another good season. Josh really enjoyed the season and I can see that he has improved a lot.

-- Jin Hee Park 3/5/15

Alex loves his coaches, teammates and loves to play. This has been the team he connected the most and he enjoys going every day.

-- Rosee Voigtlander 3/3/15

Eli had a great time playing with Falcons Elite this season. He is excited to continue with your program. We really like how positive the coaching is and the emphasis on teamwork.

-- Kalli Sanchez 3/2/15

I just wanted to say how awesome this whole season experience was for us and for Logan. We love Falcons Elite! Great coaching, positive reinforcement and very sportsmanlike players and parents. We will be there for the spring season and beyond!!! Count on it! Thanks again. Great program!

-- Diane Armstrong Huetter 3/2/15

We have really enjoyed the coaching.  The twins love going to practice and are always excited about the games.  We really like the pace of practice and feel like if they stick with it, they will keep making progress.

-- Derrick Oien 3/2/15

I have to tell you that Marco is really loving his time with FE.  As you may have noticed, he's now played non-stop since the Fall - this will be the longest single stretch of continuous basketball that he's ever played...and he's loving it!

-- Anthony Napolitano 2/26/15

You guys ROCK as coaches.

-- Andy Vanderwiel 1/12/15

Thanks for running such a good program and working so much with the kids.

-- Chris Burman 1/11/15

Thank you so much for all your efforts with Finn and Marek. It was special to be part of the growth of Falcons Elite. You are providing the basketball community a great service.

-- Mike Sullivan 11/18/14

We have had an amazing experience with you all for many years. That hasn't changed and will not change. I really want you to know that we really appreciate all of your dedication, support and hard work that you have given my family and our community by providing a safe place for our boys to play basketball and grow from kids to young men.

-- Jordy Travis 11/12/14

Nate is really enjoying playing for Falcons Elite and likes playing with this team.

-- Diana Witte 10/26/14

Tyler loves Falcons, his game has gotten A LOT better over the years, and the team has improved dramatically.

-- Mark Wittenberg 10/7/14

Thanks to you and all of the Falcons Elite staff! Joe thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Falcons and feels much better about his prospects for the upcoming basketball season.

-- Jim Anthony 9/3/14

Just wanted to say again how much Max enjoyed playing with FE-- a ton! He also learned a lot. FE put the fun back into basketball for Max. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We are so glad he switched over years ago. Great coaches, great experience. I hope the program continues to grow!  It is amazing what you guys have started.

-- Mica Martin 9/5/14

We miss you guys, it's been harder than I thought finding a new basketball program as good as Falcons Elite.

-- Chris Rich, after moving to Utah 7/9/14

This is Austin's first season with Falcons Elite.  He was with Rec for 2 years and 2 seasons with Stingrays.  So far, we all agree that Falcons Elite offers the best program. Coaches are really trying to help kids improve their basketball skills. In the meanwhile boys enjoy playing basketball with their teammates.  Austin always looks forward to practices and games every week.

-- Emily Lin 4/30/14

Chris, Owen and I all feel that you have an incredible program that is perfectly suited for developing the kids through a fun, energetic learning environment - in fact, I would hang out at practices just because it was so much fun to watch. Both our boys love the Falcons.

-- Piper Underwood 3/12/14

He has loved playing for the Falcons and I am sure will be back soon! Thanks so much for such a great organization!

-- Chris Swortwood 3/11/14

He had a great time, likes the program, and is happy to continue.

-- Chris Burman 3/5/14

Your whole staff has been nothing but great for my boys.

-- Jim Ferrari 12/1/13

We are so happy with Falcons Elite! We think you, JJ, and the entire coaching staff do a great job. Cole loves playing for you guys!

-- Tiffany Kinney-Cissna 11/14/13

I just want to let you know that we have been having a great experience with Falcons Elite. Jackson loves it. You, J.J and Tanner are doing a great job.

-- Heather Moss 11/14/13

We appreciate all you and JJ do. My boys love playing for the Falcons.

-- Chris Rich 11/14/13

I wanted to let Coach Brull know how much Max Lidl and his parents have enjoyed Falcons Elite this season.  This is Max’s first of hopefully many seasons with the team, and it’s been a really great experience. Thanks again for a fun and great basketball experience.

-- Erich Lidl 10/28/13

Thanks for all you and your crew do for the boys.  You really do a GREAT job with the boys!!

-- Cindy Braun 6/26/13

I just wanted to thank you guys. He LOVED playing for you all. You were always so positive and he learned a lot!!

-- Jeannine Dill 6/5/13

On a side note, Collin is very happy being with Falcons Elite, and you guys are doing a great job with the obvious expanded number of players.  With a little more confidence on the court and hard work to find his comfort in needing the ball, I believe that Collin will be one of those kids that develops quickly under your guidance.

-- David Rova 5/22/13